Blakeley's Dog Grooming
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          Kansas City, Mo. 64119          

Blakeley's Grooming Services
This refreshing and relaxing full grooming experience relieves stress and tension in your pet goes home a relaxed rejuevinated pet! 

Grooming services included in this service are : 

State of the art haircut to your specifications
Ear cleaning and flush
Gentle massaging hypo allergenic bath
Silk conditioning rinse
Anal glands cleaned (If possible)
Blow Dry
Finished polish look
Foo Foo Cologne
Bows or Bandana
Just groomed look starting at $25.00
  This is a basics service included a refreshing hypo-allergic shampoo and rinse            with blow dry everything except for a haircut. 
Just a bath! Starting at $20.00
This is a refreshing and relaxing bath with our hypo-allergenic shampoo and rinse with blow dry.

 Just toenails starting at $10.00

 Extra's with basic bath or full haircut: 
 flea treatment $10.00 
 demating starting at $10.00

If you have any question concerning  pick-ups or prices, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly customer service staff will help find the best solutions for you.